VOISYS’ RealLeadValidation

VOISYS’ RealLeadValidation

VOISYS is one of the best known and most highly regarded names in the auto industry. Established in 1990 the company was a pioneer in lead generation having been a lead provider since 1996, and an internet lead generation service since 2000. Today, the company receives more than 600,000 lead generation opportunities a day.

VOISYS has always put the customer first, and has striven to provide customers with top quality leads, leads which will get them quick and cost effective sales. That’s why VOISYS developed an in house tool which authenticates and validates leads to ensure they are ‘real’, by determining whether the leads are (1) new to the market, (2) exclusive and (3) not co-registered as part of a sweepstakes. Unlike those delivered by other lead providers, VOISYS client auto buyers are used to receiving the very best and highly converting leads on the market.

Now you can use RealLeadValidation service to check the quality of all your leads

Now this in-house validation system is available to lead buyers not only in the auto dealership sector, but a host of other industries from insurance and banking to mortgage brokers and more. RealLeadValidation allows you to check the quality of prospects on all the leads you buy in order to ensure your sales team only spends their time chasing up real opportunities. Eliminating the bad apples right up front is the RealLeadValidation goal.

Keeping it real when it comes to leads

RealLead Validation takes the guesswork out of the quality of leads they you are buying. It gives you an accurate representation of your leads so that you can spend your leads budget on leads which are going to make you money.

By running your leads through our filters, we can weed out poor quality leads and tell you how many worthwhile leads are on the list. It takes us just milliseconds to get you these results so you don’t have to worry about disrupting downtime. And there’s no need to change a thing to get your leads validated, all you need to do is get your provider to pass your leads onto us at RealLeadValidation rather than send them directly to you. We then deliver your leads to you in exactly the same way as you were receiving them before, whether this be via email, or SMS text. If you don’t have a CRM system as of yet, we’re more than happy to let you use ours free of charge.

RealLeadValidation can tell you

  • How old the prospects are. You may do a double take when you learn some of your leads have actually been on the market for 54 days.
  • How many times leads have been sold. If you thought your leads were exclusive to you, you might be surprised to find the competition has bought them too.
  • Whether the lead has appeared in multiple industry sectors e.g. auto, insurance etc. Prospects are unlikely to be in the market for numerous products at the same time.
  • Once you have all this information at your command you can get back to your provider with the facts and let them know you know they’re sending you leads which are well past their sell-by date, non-exclusive and co-registered.
  • By concentrating solely on leads which are worth following up we estimate that you can save up to 35% of your leads budget which you can spend on buying in more high quality leads.

It’s a win-win for sellers as well as buyers

RealLeadValidation is not just great news for buyers, it also allows sellers to identify whether their sources e.g. affiliates, are sending them good leads.  Quality controls are for the industry to benefit as a whole.

Join the Real Lead Revolution 

By signing up to get your leads validated by RealLeadValidation, you’re joining a growing band of businesses who have had enough of being charged for worthless leads. By adopting this service you are also helping to add to our leads-based information. With more info available we will be able to validate leads to an even higher degree, and greater transparency in the leads industry can only mean more accurate pricing and value for money for you.  In a competitive world, it pays to stay ahead of the market.

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