Training Tidbits – The Internet Customer Appointment

Okay, you set the appointment and the Prospect just called to say they will be there in an hour. You have already pulled credit per the online app and they are financeable. What do you do? Grab a coffee and a smoke and talk to the guys until your customer arrives? No, you prepare.

VOISYS Scored Internet Leads1. Grab the keys to the vehicle they are interested in check out everything: AC, radio, windows, locks, sunroof, make sure there is a spare in the trunk etc. Make sure the vehicle is at its best. A lot of customers go over the vehicle with a fine tooth comb so make sure you do it first so there will be no surprises.

2. Do your research on the vehicle because believe me the customer has already done so. Take a look at the Car Fax, see what the KBB Value is, pull up safety reports and reviews and familiarize yourself with the MPG.

Your best negotiating tool will be information. The more information you know about the vehicle the better chances you make a sale.

3. Before your prospect arrives pull the vehicle up to the front of the Dealership. It is good etiquette and it prevents you and the customer having to walk to the vehicle possibly passing other vehicles they may want to “look” at as well. There is nothing more frustrating than a customer that can’t make up their mind between several vehicles (especially 15 minutes before closing time.)

4. When the customer arrives, give them a tour of your facility and introduce them to a Manager. When you do introduce them to a Manager make sure you refer to them as an Internet Customer. Let them know Management likes to greet all Internet Customers personally. Buy them a soda, fetch them some coffee, and get the kids some candy. Make a fuss over them. Make them feel special; your competitors are not doing this. Remember people buy from people they like!

After you follow the above steps, do what you do best; be a car salesman! At the end of the sale make sure you take a picture of your customer and their new purchase and ask if you can add it on your website along with your other satisfied, valued Internet Customers! That’s just my tidbit!

Good selling!


About the author
Erika Hoffler has been in the Auto Industry for over 15 years. She currently is a Senior Account Rep for VOISYS where she has been for the last 6 years. She has a strong background in BDC and Appointment setting and is always willing to share her insight. She can be contacted at 800-999-1880 or